Wide Energy Wing Span



You are a miracle worker! I hobbled into you yesterday barely able to put weight on my foot, and I left there feeling so much better that I was able to dance for a solid 5 hours last night without experiencing anything other than a light soreness today. (Susan S.)

Tairifa has helped when my body was in excruciating pain. She is my first choice. (Ute B.)

I have had the good fortune of knowing Tairifa since 2004. She has the gift of intuition and the knowledge of her studies. I always receive great relief and feel my own healing intelligence awakening. That is what I am after when I visit a healer. (Alexanna H., RN)

Rena has a special gift of tuning into what is present and needed in the healing session. The range of modalities and levels that she works with is remarkable. Not just physical, or emotional, or spiritual, but all of them - at once! I am incredibly grateful for her gentle, graceful work that has helped bring me back into ease again after a major accident which re-activated past traumas.

Thanks to her support, I am in better shape than I have been for ten years. (Susan S.)

Heartfelt thanks for your amazing healing touch! What a difference 4 sessions with you has made....my podiatrist wanted to inject my very painful neuroma with steroids, but after our first session I was walking barefoot again pain free. My migraines are a fraction of their old intensity and the pain in my ribs has vanished. I'm even sleeping better! Your gifted hands have made a huge change for the better in my life.Thank you so much! (Debbra C.)